'Smug Moms of Girls' Have a Lot to Learn

Many, if not most people have a slight sex preference when they're having a baby. Still, regardless of our preference, however slight or intense, we usually get over it and love the baby we have with relative ease. But not everyone does and there is a new trend known as "Smug Moms of Girls" (SMOGs) who are legions of women who only want daughters. Period.

SMOGs think that boys are "yucky" and they want all that girls bring with them -- frilly dresses, hair bows, smiles, and sweetness. While boys roll around in the mud, girls can play tea and practice their manners.

The funny thing is, as a mom of both, I say this new trend actually hurts girls.


On the surface, it seems like girl empowerment. And lord knows, I wanted a daughter fiercely. But SMOGs don't want real daughters, they want little fembot daughters they imagine.

I can assure Victoria Beckham or any other SMOG that my daughter is neither diminutive nor sweet. She isn't affectionate (at least not as much as her brother) and when the boys roll around in the dirt, so does she.

This doesn't make her a "tomboy," it just makes her my daughter. She is unique, and yes, she is a "girl," but she is also herself and I adore who she is. I also adore my son, a boy who hates getting too dirty, is rough and tumble, but also really loves to cuddle and snuggle his mommy.

Children are unique and if you want one sex because you have an idea of exactly what that sex is like, then you're likely to be disappointed. Girls are great. So are boys.

If moms of boys feel they have to be defensive and explain why they're happy to have boys, then something is wrong. On the other hand, having just spent some time with a woman who claimed boys are smarter than girls and that she only ever wanted boys, it's also clear that girl-hating is alive and well, too.

Both are wrong. Grow up, people. We aren't living in the 1950s here. Girls can be anything and boys can, too. Let's appreciate the individual wonder of our own unique children and not project our own pathetic insecurities onto them.

Did you want only girls?


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