Two-Year-Old Plays Guitar Hero Better Than Most Adults (VIDEO)

heavy metal robin baby rock guitar heroThe "twos" may be "terrible" in some ways, but I also think it's the time when kiddos start showing their true colors or, more so, their true talents. For instance, I've heard I was quite the storyteller -- and, yes, I'll admit it, ham -- at that age. And my boyfriend's 2-year-old niece is a Little Miss Independent showboat who loves to sing, dance, take charge. (I'm convinced being the fiery little Sagittarius she is, she's bound to be the next Bette Midler or Miley Cyrus.) And take this little Internet sensation, Robin. He's only 2 in his premiere music video, but you can tell he is destined to be the next Stevie Ray Vaughan or Slash or something. Why? Well, he plays Guitar Hero like a TOTAL pro.

He's got ALL the right moves. I swear, he rocks out better than just about anyone I've ever seen, young or old, play this game!


Check it out ...

Seems like he's actually picked up some pointers from DVDs of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Bonamassa. And sure, you might say he's just imitating what he's watched, but meh ... I really think the kid's a guitar prodigy! Or at least a showman in the making! Either way, he's incredibly entertaining and totally adorable!

What do you think about this little Guitar Hero prodigy?

Image via YouTube

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