10 Things All Breastfeeding Moms Worry Too Much About

breastfeedingWorry, worry, worry. Clearly that is the number one job of being a mom. Along with the 738 other jobs that come with being mom. Still, it's the best job in the whole world. Sappy yes, but true. And if you are a breastfeeding mom, there comes a whole other set of concerns. Unfortunately, worrying too much can affect your supply -- so just stop it, okay?

Easier said, I know. But to quell the worry, I came up with a little list of the ten things all breastfeeding moms worry way too much about. Because sometimes just talking about it makes you realize you need not worry! I've got my smart ass solution, along with a G-Rated one. You can decide which one you like best. (To be read with a sense of humor, mmmkay?)


1. Is milk actually coming out?

Smart ass answer: (Eyeroll. Smile.) Yes, it is, you lactating goddess!

G-Rated answer: Try hand expressing. See that dribble of milk ... you are a lactating goddess!

2. Am I producing enough?

Smart ass answer: Moooooo!

G-Rated answer: Does baby have wet and soiled diapers? If yes, then yes you are a beautiful lactating goddess. Really worried? Then try pumping so you can to see output. (Note: You produce more straight from tap but you can see some output with a pump to calm your nerves.) Don't have a pump ... return to first question "Does baby have wet and soiled diapers?) and is baby gaining weight? Then you are probably producing enough.

3. Will I leak if I go out?

Smart ass answer: Who cares if you leak! You may but you know the expression ... don't cry over spilled ahhhhh bad joke!

G-Rated answer: You may leak, yes, but you can use a nursing pad to soak it up. Or better yet, check out Milkies. Buy some.

4. If I drink a cup of coffee will my baby be up all night?

Smart ass answer: (Eyeroll. Smile.) Only if there is some Red Bull in it, too.

G-Rated answer: One cup is fine. Others think a couple of cups is fine, too. If you need a little jolt for yourself drink it. Only a small amount of caffeine passes into breastmilk.

5. If I eat spicy foods, will my baby have a tummy ache?

Smart-ass answer: She will because of the smell of your farts.

G-Rated answer: She may not. Eat what you regularly eat, but you may want to avoid that OMG 8-Alarm Chili. You'll be able to tell if your baby has a reaction to the foods you are eating and if so, cut them out.

6. Are my breasts too small/big for breastfeeding?

Smart-ass answer: Hell no!

G-Rated answer: Heck no!

7. Will I be able to breastfeed in front of other people or will I feel like I have to hide?

Smart-ass answer: Do you hide when you eat? Then neither should baby!

G-Rated answer: People who aren't used to seeing a mother nurse her baby will have to get used to it. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed of the natural act of feeding your baby.

8. Do I really need a nursing bra?

Smart-ass answer: Don't wear one with a strapless top!

G-Rated answer: Only if you want one. Many love them. Some just wear a non-underwire sports bra. It's up to you and your breasts. If you will be pumping, hands-free, you will need one to clip onto though.

9. Am I nursing the baby too much?

Smart-ass answer: That's like asking if it's okay if you have one more cookie. But in a totally really healthy way.

G-Rated answer: Baby will let you know when he's done.

10. Will my partner still find my breasts attractive after breastfeeding?

Smart-ass answer: The real question is ... will you still find your husband attractive if he avoids changing the poopy diapers?

G-Rated answer: He may even find you more beautiful for doing such a great job breastfeeding your baby.

What were some things you worried or worry about with breastfeeding? Have you been able to overcome those worries?


Disclaimer: Remember, this is meant to make some chuckle. And answers aren't a one-size fits all kind of thing. So let's relax, not stress!


Image via Raphael Goetter/Flickr

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