Supermodel Miranda Kerr Matches Her Clothes to Her Son (PHOTO)

Miranda KerrIt's not easy to match your outfit to your baby's and come off looking good. Chicer moms than me have tried and still made you wonder where the roaring fire and the Christmas tree were hiding. But a shot of the always gorgeous Miranda Kerr clutching cutie Flynn in her arms as she walked through the Sydney airport makes me want to try.


The Aussie wife of Orlando Bloom dressed her son in a light colored top with thin black stripes, then donned her own striped shirt -- albeit with chunky black lines 'round her tummy. It's the fact that she went for "almost but not quite" that makes the "matchy match" work.

Dressing exactly like your kids looks good on no one -- save for the family Christmas card shot, natch. Not on moms who are copying their teens' style. And definitely not on moms who are pulling the "I look like I fell into an embroidery factory" look that is uber cute on the onesie-crowd but too close to "Granny" for anyone over the age of 2.

But there's nothing wrong with showing a little family pride with coordinating outfits, is there? You love your kid like nobody's business. There's nothing you won't do to scream to the world, "Hey, see this person here? I made him! Awesome, right?"

Besides, you made sure your diaper bag matched your style, didn't you? And you're the one dressing your baby every day; aren't you going to put them in outfits that YOU like? Best part of it: if it's as simple as matching stripes to stripes, you don't have to be a Victoria's Secret supermodel like Kerr to get it done.

What do you think? Will you rock Miranda Kerr's mommy style?


Image via Splash News

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