Man Denounces Maternity Leave on National TV (VIDEO)

maternity leave megyn kelly fox newsYou know maternity leave in the United States is horrible when a conservative Fox News anchor calls out our current system, or lack thereof, for being in the "Dark Ages." Megyn Kelly kicked some butt for moms everywhere when she nailed a naysayer to the wall on her first week back from her own maternity leave. Where was this kind of talk during the 2008 election? Just wondering. 

However, it's about time a major figure in the conservative world stood up for women and the sad state of America's maternity leave. Of course, Megyn Kelly did it because she was attacked by another Fox News conservative. I'm telling you, even with three months paid time off, I would not want to work at that organization. Although if they upped it to the proper one-year leave that we all need, I might reconsider.

So what "moronic" things did the other guy, Mike Gallagher, have to say about maternity leave? Get ready to be royally ticked off, ladies.


Wow! This is Fox? It seems Gallagher was incredulous that Kelly was "still" on maternity leave, and that she got it for three whole months! After all, dads don't get that kind of leave, right? What is she doing with all her free time, and furthermore maternity leave is clearly just a "racket."

I guess Gallagher forgot that once Kelly was back on the job, he would be sharing that split screen with her as a regular contributor to her show. And Kelly wasted no time nailing that clueless dude with a very fair and balanced initial comment that included, but was not limited to: "What a moronic thing to say." But she didn't stop there!

Way to hit every major point on the importance -- for everyone -- of maternity leave. Rock on, you bad ass mama! Something I never thought I'd say about anyone on Fox.

What do you think about Gallagher's maternity leave comments?


Image via Fox News

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