New Palin Baby Has a Great Name, Grandma Questionable

palin baby bornAnother Palin baby has been born in Alaska, which means the baby name websites must be burning up right about now! But alas, this baby, born to Sarah Palin's oldest child, Track Palin, and his brand new wife, Britta, has a totally normal name: Kyla Grace. Looks like somebody is killing the Palin baby name legacy. I suppose if your name is Track, you know how one could suffer.

The newlyweds welcomed baby Kyla on Saturday and the other grandmother says the baby is "beautiful." Britta's mom couldn't be happier and is talking all about her love for her new grandchild, as well as the mom and dad. Awww! But somehow, Grandma #2 hasn't noticed that she has another baby Palin. At least she hasn't tweeted about it, which, as we know, is her favored mode of communication.

In fact, Palin has been pretty quiet this entire marriage/pregnancy odyssey. Why is that, do you think?


Oh, right. It's another baby as a result of a failed abstinence-only sex education policy Palin supports. Track and Britta have been married all of three months, and voila, here's the baby! Unless she's got one of those alien babies that grows super fast, there was some premarital hanky-panky going on. You know, like most people do.

Surely Palin could put politics aside to welcome the new baby, right? Maybe not, as it's now been three days since the birth of the baby girl, and no word from Grandma Grizzly. In her absence, I'd like to welcome baby Kyla to the fold. Let's all wish her luck navigating the world of Palin, and fantastic health.

Congratulations to Track and Britta!

Image via Squirrel Cottage/Flickr

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