Baby's Waking Up Fail Is Cutest Thing Ever (VIDEO)

sleepy babyThe early days of parenting may be some of the toughest. You're getting used to being a parent. They're just getting used to this whole "being a person" thing. And you are absolutely exhausted. But for all those cruel tricks mother nature plays on us, a cute new video of a baby waking up ... only to fall right back to sleep ... proves she knew exactly what she was doing when she planned out a baby's sleep rhythm.


A sleeping baby is adorable. Period. Even the newborn infants that still look like little aliens when they're awake and screeching like banshees are delicious when they're all nestled in a co-sleeper or conked out beside you on the bed, little fingers splayed out.

As frazzled as I could get during my maternity leave, all it took was a peek at my daughter in the bassinet, and all the "oh God, I can't do this" thoughts went straight outta my head. It helps that kids tend to be a wee bit hilarious when they sleep (who else do you know who can fall asleep with their legs sticking OUT of a crib? Or with their neck craned back so far you feel a twinge just looking at them?).

Check out this sweetie trying to wake up and tell me what your babe's cutest sleeping position is:


Image via YouTube

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