Tori Spelling Talks About Breastfeeding Regrets


Tori SpellingIt's funny to look back on our lives before we became mothers and see the risks we took and things that mattered so much then that have no place in our lives now. Some of the choices we made back in our younger, wilder days are just fond memories, but some of them have longer-term effects that impact our children. If only we'd known then what we know now ... for Tori Spelling, it's her boobs.

She says she regrets getting her breast augmentation surgery done in her 20s. While her big breasts felt necessary back then to make her a sexier, more desirable actress, they have no place in her life now. In fact, she worries about how they have and will affect her ability to breastfeed in the future.

Last week, she told Good Morning America:

Well I got my boobs done ... in my early 20s. If I had known that it would or could possibly impact production of [breast] milk, I wouldn't have had them.

Many women are able to breastfeed after getting implants, and Spelling has breastfed her children in the past, but with many challenges, which may or may not have been linked to the implants. Some women can't at all. It's a risk you have to consider when getting them, but risks when you're young don't seem so risky when you're talking hypothetical children and lives that may or may not happen down the line. Then you hold your little baby, and everything changes.

Spelling went on to say, "I love being a mom. I'm on my third baby. We want to have more. Like, that's my role. These [big breasts] don't matter."

Motherhood also led her to rethink her famous feud with her mother, Candy Spelling.

When they [the kids] were babies, it wasn’t -- it was important, but now they ask for her -- they want to be with grandma. When I see her doing things with the kids, it reminds me, "Oh my gosh, I remember when she did that with me."

I think that you get to have a whole new relationship with your parent through your children. And I think that’s a really nice experience.

If only we could find a way to impart all the wisdom we gain as mothers to our younger selves ... though we probably wouldn't listen anyway.

Is there anything you regret doing when you were younger that has impacted your life as a mother?

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nonmember avatar R

I wish I would have gotten a little healthier before getting pregnant. I have kidney issues and I'm not huge but I'm overweight. I had a lot of problems during my pregnancy... due to what, who knows? But it couldn't have hurt to eat better and drop a few pounds beforehand.

nonmember avatar L

"R," I agree. I, too, was overweight. I wish I had dropped a few pounds before I got pregnant. That's my only regret.

Now, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I would like to lose more. I want to be with my children for many, many more years.

Too many people in my family have weight issues that, in turn, affect their health. Getting pregnant made me realize that I need to start taking better care of myself in order to take care of my babies.

betha... bethany169

There are things I did when I was younger that I now regret, but I'm so lucky that none of them has negatively affected me as a parent (not yet at least!)

norwg... norwgnwood

I hope Tori doesn't really beat herself up over this! Of course breast is best and she has tried even though it was very difficult. I think she should feel great about that. I have a friend who had breast reduction surgery 20+ years before giving birth. She wasn't really able to BF because of it but she didn't know that was going to happen. Its ok. Tori loves her children so much and I think she is a great mom.

nonmember avatar Melissa

I got implants put in about 5 years before having my baby. They had zero impact on my breastfeeding. What did have an impact was eating a healthy diet and making sure to keep healthy fats. I'm on the skinnier side, so I have to conscientiously make oatmeal, nuts and avocado a daily choice to keep my milk production up.

Tori says she was able to breastfeed but with some problems. I bet if she kept a few extra pounds on her, the milk production would increase.

Just my opinion.

nonmember avatar mom of three

I have very large breasts and have avoided a breast reduction surgery until after I am done having children. They are very clear when they explain the surgery that it could affect your ability to nurse.

hutch... hutchfam2007

I have always been a go with the flow type of person and that flowed into my pregnancy and motherhood. There are many things I wish I had researched better before experiencing it first-hand. I just always thought that Dr.'s know best and figured they would let me know all I needed to know. It hasnt negatively affected my or my daughters life in a big way but I think we are lucky because it could have.

nonmember avatar Stacy

I really liked this article. At least she recognizes that big breasts aren't everything and her children's well being outweighs her appearance. She is to be applauded for at least attempting breastfeeding and for taking a more mature outlook on parenting. :)

SandM... SandMsMama

that's why you should never alter your body in a permanent way.. somewhere down the line you'll realize why it was a bad idea

Lauren Danehy Kuhn

I concur with the "nonmember comment from Stacy." Well said!

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