Miranda Kerr Makes Breastfeeding and Working Look Effortless (PHOTO)

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr
It's been just seven months since supermodel Miranda Kerr and husband Orlando Bloom welcomed their first baby Flynn into the world, but mom is already back to work. For Kerr, of course, that means walking the runway! And wearing bathing suits! And pumping breast milk behind the scenes because she's still breastfeeding! Well, check out the photo -- doesn't Kerr make all that look fabulous?

Of course, many of us know returning to work after baby and breastfeeding on the go isn't particularly easy, but Miranda Kerr looks to be doing a smash-up job.


Miranda Kerr told the Perth Sunday Times:

I'm still breastfeeding and pumping when I'm at work. I feel like a milk maid but it's worth it. I definitely didn't realise how challenging it would be -- being a working mother.

Unfortunately, in some ways, all her hard work makes it all the harder for the rest of us. I mean, if she can pump at work and then jump up on a runway, surely it can be manageable for many other moms who work in less fast-paced, less exposed workplaces. And on top of it all, she has to bust out her post-baby body less than a year after giving birth. Obviously, Kerr has absolutely NOTHING to worry about in this regard (not even the tiniest of post-baby rolls -- gah!), but it's undoubtedly still nerve-wracking. Of course, I would have killed to have my boobs stand up like that while breastfeeding -- or, um, ever post-babies!

It's inspiring is all. And I don't mean the body because I consider that a pure fantasy. I'm talking about her dedication to breastfeeding and sharing her hardships. The more moms talk openly about breastfeeding, ideally the more commonplace and accepted it becomes to the masses. And I especially love how Kerr never pretends things are easy (remember her refreshing honesty about childbirth?). She may make it all look effortless on the runway, but it's comforting to know she doesn't have magical mommy powers to make it all effortless behind the scenes, too. Not that I'm glad it isn't easy for her -- but then again, she does have those marvelous boobs ... and that's enough of a magical gift for one lifetime.

Are you jealous of Miranda Kerr's boobs?


Image via SplashNews

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