A Bad Baby Name Can Ruin a Life

bad baby namesNormally I wouldn't slag someone (to their face) for choosing a really dumb name for their baby. The one exception being "Moroccon Scott." Still can't get over that one! But the author of What Yo Nayme Iz? says you're setting your kids up for a host of problems by saddling them with an undesirable name.

Rodney Kellum told CNN that his research shows that unique names are not the way to go. You may think your baby looks like a Trixie when she arrives, but her resume is going to get the shaft when she tries to make a living. You're basically making your children unemployable, people, so stop before you go for the name you think will make the biggest splash.

Some other crazy names Kellum came across in his research will really make you laugh, and never, ever hire this person to be responsible for anything.

  • Dae 'Moni
  • Pornwadee (really???)
  • ESPN (someone needs to put down the remote)
  • Congratulashayla (I see where you were going with this, but you shouldn't have.)
  • Ish (a Dr. Seuss fan?)

While we're used to celebrities tossing out wacky monikers like they're valet tickets, I'm just not as worried about Pilot Inspektor or Zuma, as everyone knows who they are and they have rich and famous parents. They'll be fine. Or in therapy. But at least it will be paid for.

It's the babies who will grow up to be regular people without the benefit of professional connections that lose, as shown in Kellum's resume experiment. More "normal" named applicants were contacted than the weird ones. Even with the same qualifications. So think about that, Mom and Dad, when you're staring down at your beautiful new baby. And lean more towards Vivienne than Vavavoom.

Did you give your child an unusual name?


Image via paprutzi/Flickr

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