The Only Funny Thing About Leaving a Baby in a Hot Car (VIDEO)

Amy Rachlin Leaving a small child in a car alone is never okay. It's especially dangerous when temperatures are high, and children can die in mere minutes. You would think everyone would know that, but repeatedly people do it, just like New York mom Aimee Rachlin did last week.

While she was collecting whatever it was she needed inside her nice, air-conditioned local K-Mart, she left her 13-month-old child in her car (a fancy Mercedes) in the parking lot with the engine off and the doors dangerously unlocked. Temperatures reached 104 that day.

Fortunately, passersby saw the baby girl and alerted police, and she's going to be fine, but it's shocking and utterly outrageous that anyone would do that to a child. Almost as shocking was what a woman, presumed to be Rachlin's mother, did when a reporter came to their home to ask about the incident (this is the funny part).


She threw water on the reporter's head, then sprayed her with water. Check out this video, especially the part around 1:20.

The reporter was on personal property and all, but I can't believe anyone would have the gall to do that. I kind of love that she did it, though.

That's the only funny part of this story, however. Perhaps the most horrifying part is that while Rachlin was arrested and charged with child endangerment, she was later released on bail ... and ALLOWED TO TAKE HER DAUGHTER HOME WITH HER. I'm in shock that anyone would let this mother take her baby anywhere ever again, much less home. While child services is said to be investigating, it seems much more than that should be done immediately.

What do you think of this video of the woman spraying the reporter with water? Can you believe the woman was allowed to take her child home?

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