Would You Let Robert Pattinson Bite Your Baby? (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Wow, some vampire groupies are hardcore. One new Twi-Hard mommy actually stood by and let Twilight star Robert Pattinson "fake bite" her new baby on the set of the movie. It's pretty weird that anyone would hand off their baby to their favorite movie star in the first place. What did she expect the poor guy to do with her infant? Such a funny thing to do. All I can guess is the new mom was having a bad hair day herself and was like, "Here, take my baby ... I'll get a photo of you two." Hahaha!

It's actually hilarious watching Robert Pattinson tell the story of how the "baby biting" went down while girlfriend Kristen Stewart listens and reacts. Check out the video after the jump.


We knew there were serious fangophiles out there -- Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie Stackhouse on HBO's True Blood, is even forced to let her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer, who plays sexy vampire Bill Compton, bite fans on the neck when they ask. This baby thing is so over the top though.

WATCH Robert Pattinson talk about biting the baby:

Hahaha! He had no idea how an about-to-go-viral vampire sex symbol should act. He didn't know he could just pose for a nice photo with the baby. But more than anything, I'm so glad he didn't SIGN the baby. A little fake bite is so much better. I think.

Is this hilarious to you?

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