Baby's Tragic Death Could Have Happened to Anyone

Anyone who has ever had a baby knows how quickly they get into trouble once they're mobile. For one family in the UK, that lesson came with an awful price.

Fiona and Neal Ivey lost their 8-month-old son Noah when the newly mobile 8-month-old climbed out of his crib and into a chest of drawers where he became caught around his neck and suffocated.

It's a heartbreaking, tragic story, made all the worse by the fact that this could easily happen to any of us. His mother went into his room at 1 a.m. and heard him breathing. Then just a few hours later, he was gone.


It's every parent's worst fear come true, really. We think we baby-proof everything, we think we're on top of all the possibilities, and then something like this happens.

Short of making sure there is nothing near the crib, this was just an unavoidable freak accident that will fill these poor parents with guilt for the rest of their lives. I am sure, like any parent, they wonder what they could've done differently or how they could've saved him. 

Perhaps the most disturbing answer is this: They couldn't have. Sometimes accidents happen. And while I'm sure the comments on this piece will claim to have a way to prevent any and all accidents and somehow turn this into the parents' fault, the sad truth is this could have happened to any one of us.

Our job is to have compassion for people suffering an unimaginable loss, not to tell them what they did wrong. Much as we like to believe otherwise, not one of us is a perfect parent. My heart goes out to these parents and this baby. It could have been -- and still could be -- any one of us.

Does this story break your heart, too?

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