The Worst Working Mom Story You'll Ever Hear

Micah Ashley AlfordI simply can't imagine how desperate and/or delusional a Texas woman must have been when she left her 5-day-old baby and headed out to find work at a strip club. While a four-day manhunt was underway for the baby, Micah Ashley Alford was trying to get a job shaking her things.

After the baby was reported missing, police tracked down the 26-year-old mother of four at the Ritz Cabaret. When they asked her where the baby was, she refused to tell them. Two women, who are seemingly strangers, turned him into authorities when they learned an alert had been issued. They say a woman (not sure who) had given him to them. Alford was arrested for a parole violation regarding charges of child endangerment and abandonment involving another one of her children.

My first thought was how sad that she had resort to such desperate means to buy food and diapers for her baby, but further details of the case make my subsequent thoughts much less sympathetic.


The woman clearly has problems. She was on probation, has a criminal history, and also tested positive for drugs when she was eight months pregnant. Suffice it to say she wasn't in the running for mother of the year long before this incident. She wasn't just some struggling mother out to do whatever she could to pay the bills.

Fortunately all of her children are in the custody of Child Protective Services, and a hearing has been set for August 9. From the sounds of things, she needs to do a lot of work to prove she's a fit mother before she ever comes close to getting them back.

Finally ... I know some women bounce back pretty quickly after pregnancy, but this was her fourth child and it was five days after she gave birth. I don't know how desperate they are for strippers in League City, Texas, but ... I'm just wondering what her chances of actually getting hired were.

Can you imagine going to work as a stripper five days after giving birth?


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