Baby Has Most Infectious Laugh You've Ever Heard (VIDEO)

baby laughing From the national debt to terror attacks in Norway, there's plenty of depressing and frightening news out there, but it's the joy found in little things that keeps us from getting bogged down in all the depressing details. Little things like amazing, sweet baby laughs.

Every baby's laugh is special, but the one from baby Rex in this video is one of the best I've ever heard. It's so deep and heartfelt, you can't help but laugh too. I want to make it my alarm clock so I can wake up to this kind of joy each day.


Tell me you didn't at least smile?

While not quite that distinctive, my children have incredible, amazing laughs that come from their bellies and leave them (and me breathless). When the two of them start laughing together, they can't be stopped no matter what.

Somehow over the years as we age, the moments of that heartfelt laughter sadly come less often. Seeing kids like Rex and our own get such delight from the little things is a great reminder that we need to seek them out more often.

Do your kids have amazing laughs?

Image via YouTube

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