Perhaps the Most Hilariously Unflattering Baby Photos Ever

Ah, baby photos. What new mom can resist the urge to capture photographic evidence of her child's every move? And, of course, share said evidence as much as possible, because everyone loves cute pictures of babies, right?

I took 50 trillion photos of my boys when they were infants, and I was convinced every single picture was frame-worthy, and maybe even the sort of thing a national parenting magazine would want for their cover because OH MY GOD JUST LOOK AT MY INSANELY ADORABLE KID.

The thing is, I was wrong about a lot of those photos. In retrospect, they weren't cute at all. Call it postpartum insanity or cognitive dissonance or some sort of protective instinct that keeps you from cramming your little screamapillar in the nearest FedEx box, but I believe new parents are incapable of judging the attractiveness of their baby, and thus the photos.

I mean, take a look at this:


That's my son. I actually thought he looked heart-meltingly cute here at the time. Now I look at the picture and think, WTF, did I give birth to Peter Boyle?

Taking a gander around Flickr, it seems I'm not the only one who's fallen victim to the Hormone Goggles phenomenon. Check out these not-so-wonderful baby photos:

This baby don't get no respect. No respect, I say.

Underlying cuteness totally trumped by the Whatchoo Talkin' Bout Willis Effect.

I've seen cats that look like this. RIGHT BEFORE THEY ATTACK.

I—um. Oh dear.

Holy shit! Whatever the cameraperson is doing, they need to STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand ... pooping.

Did you take any less-than-charming pictures of your babies? Did you realize they were bad at the time?

Images via Flickr/
Kevin Lawver, Jeremiah, Futurestreet, Ms. Phoenix, Andrewmalone, Roens

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