The 'Hottest Baby Names of 2011' Are Shocking


If you thought you already knew what the hottest baby names of 2011 were, you might want to think again. Isabella? Aidan? Those are old news. Nameberry has released an analysis and made their predictions for the new hot names. And they may surprise you.

The new list is based on data compiled from
23 million page views on Nameberry in the past few months. The names that have received the most views are the ones that will trend, according to their predictions.

Gone are the Emmas and the Aidans and the Isabellas. In their place are these:

Girl names:

Pippa - Obviously, this stems from the worldwide obsession with Pippa Middleton. Her nickname Pippa and the full version -- Philippa -- have become the #1 hottest baby name of the year on Nameberry. It's too bad because I kind of loved this name, but I don't love it if it will be the new Isabella. 

Luna - Apparently this name was made popular by the Beckhams who ultimately chose Harper for their daughter. It's really pretty, though. If we have a third, I would consider it. 

Hadley - The name of Ernest Hemingway's first wife -- Hadley Richardson -- is up 50 spots thanks to a book that features her. 

Elula - Huh? I had never heard this name for a child until five minutes ago, but Elula is the Hebrew calendar name Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen gave to their second daughter. It's the 38th most-searched name on Nameberry.

Mila - We have Mila Kunis to thank for this one. Nameberry says it's up nearly 40 places this year.

Ada, Adele, Adeline, Adelaide - Pretty vintage girls' names are all the rage, some of which might be thanks to singer Adele and her popularity.

Boy names:

Everett - Everett is up 50 places on Nameberry's most-searched list, because of popular female choices like Eva and Evelyn. 

Asher - This was my first choice for my son in 2008. My husband disagreed and I guess I am glad now since it seems to be trending. The name is biblical and overtook Henry as the all-time #1 name for boys on Nameberry. Henry is my son's middle name because it had become too popular (we had planned it as his first name). 

Arlo - I love, love, love this name. It's trending along with Nico, Hugo, and Otto, all three of which I love.  

Flynn - Tell me this is NOT because of Tangled, please?! 

Archer - Nameberry thinks this name is popular because of literature, but my guess is it's actually because of Private Practice. Archer is Addison's crazy brother.

Do you like any of these names?

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hutch... hutchfam2007

I like that they are different from the top 100 lists from the last 5 years which hadn't changed much.

Lynette Lynette

Feeling pretty good that we didn't name our DD Adaline, it was on the list of names we considered!

buffa... buffalove23

I know a little girl named Adelaide but hadn't even heard of it till I met her a couple of years ago.

elfis... elfishpirat

Hmm...I really love Luna. Might have to consider that one as a middle name if we have a girl.

alisa... alisabethjaimes

Flynn's probably popular because Miranda Kerr named her son that. Not a fan of it though, sounds like "phlegm" to me. I like Luna and Adele though :)

cocob... cocobeannns

I really like Mila. By the way, what does DD stand for? Just curious...

jpfsmom jpfsmom

Luna is kind of cousin just named her newborn Mila....not feeling any of the boy names.

nonmember avatar a

You do realize these aren't official name statistics, right? People are searching and clicking on these names on a website, that doesn't mean they'll use them. Isabella and Jacob will still top next year's SSA list, the one that lists names actually used. Name trends don't change that fast.

nonmember avatar anonymous

Wouldn't Luna be popular because of the Harry Potter books or more likely the movies? (Luna Lovegood)She befriends Harry in the 4th year of the series so it makes sense that after people got used to the name it started to be used.

Groov... Groovyflor1

I love Luna and Archer.  We had considered Asher for our son, but thankfully decided against it when a friend's kid kept saying "Asser". 

We have friends who named their son Flynn because it means "son of a red haired man".  They watched Tangled a few days after he was born.  Boy were they surprised....there last name is Rider.  :)

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