Mariah Carey Just a Typical New Mom With a Hot Body

mariah carey post-baby bodyOkay everybody, here it is: Another post-pregnancy celebrity body that will make you believe all the rumors about the c-section/tummy tuck combo operation. Mariah Carey stepped out three months after her twins were born, looking fine. And we all know how big that lady's belly got, and what song they played in the delivery room, and every other damn thing about her pregnancy and birth. So it's only natural we see glam shots of the singer looking hot while the babies are at home with a nanny.

No, I'm not bitter.

Because the thing is, the first time we all step out of the house without a baby, and not just to Starbucks, we all are trying to look hot. All of us. Yes, even you.


After my first baby was born, there was a birthday party a few months later for a young, single friend of mine. Naturally all of her young, single, hip friends would be in attendance as well. Odds were on me being the only mom in attendance. So I bought a new shirt, pulled out some very stretchy skinny jeans, and spent more time getting ready than I did for my high school prom. Sure enough, I was rewarded by the words, "Oh my god, you did NOT just have a baby." Mission accomplished. Then I went home and put on sweat pants and let my stomach out. I'm guessing Mariah did the same thing.

While I would love to pretend that being a new mom puts everything into perspective, and you don't care anymore what you look like, that's not true. For me, anyway. And you know what else? Everyone IS looking. Well, not everyone, honestly there are people who really could give two craps. But in our current society of pregnancy fetishism, and how fast you can pretend like you never grew another person inside of your body, people want to see the collateral damage. You can go one way or the other: Blow it all up, and show how much of a toll this whole newborn is taking on your appearance, or fake it. I choose the latter about 75 percent of the time. The other 25 percent I wear my mom jeans with zero pride. But tons of comfort.

So the next time you see a starlet out sans her new baby, and she's looking hot, just remember: You could spend time and money to make that happen too. Only no one is going to be photographing it and selling your sexy mama pictures to us.

What do you think about Mariah's post-baby body?


Image via ricardo_alvarez/Flickr

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