Crying Baby Gets Lots of Love From Cute Doggy (VIDEO)

dog and babyI can't be the only mom who gained a greater appreciation for her pets after bringing baby home from the hospital. Granted, finding their fur on every stuffed animal, newly sanitized pacifier, diaper, diaper wipe, diaper cream tube ... made me want to rip my own hair out. But then they'd settle beside the bassinet while she was sleeping, and my heart would melt.


The way my dog and cats acted, they were now responsible for standing guard. And when she let out the slightest whimper, one cat in particular would peer over the edge, then start mewing at me like "Helloooo, Mom, get over here!" Somehow I thought my cat was the most emotionally advanced four-legged thing out there, but an adorable YouTube video of a Siberian husky whining for his crying baby has shattered that dream. This dog is right in tune with what baby needs, and he's bound to get it for his little master:

The cute factor makes up for the way my little fantasy was shattered! And I'm going to add this to the case I always make for soon-to-be parents who are stressing about how their animals and their new baby will mesh.

Yes, some pets are flat-out not made to live in a house with kids. Nippy dogs. Cats with no concept of personal space. Certain exotic pets that carry disease. And then there's that whole fur thing. But by and large there are so many good things that come of raising a child in a home with pets -- from a decreased chance of allergies to an enhanced sense of empathy to the "dog/cat who is 100 percent in love with its new baby" -- that I can't imagine raising a kid without one.

Does your pet seem to have a special relationship with baby already?


Image via YouTube

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