Adorable Baby Boy Beats Odds of 48 Million to 1

newborn baby Mason Parker, born July 19 to mom Jacqui and father Paul in Long Island, New York, defied the odds. The healthy baby boy came early, but everyone is really glad he did. Just before the clock struck midnight, little Mason made his way into the world on the same day his mom was born ... and the same day his dad was born.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear mom, dad, and baby, happy birthday to you ... ALL.

Triple birthday! Jacqui turned 29, Paul turned 32, and Mason turned 0, each on July 19. There was a 1 in 48 million chance that this would happen, so clearly I'm playing the lotto tonight with numbers 7 and 19 in there somewhere.

But! It almost didn't happen.


Mason was due on July 20, but I think the little guy knew it would just be so much more exciting if he came a day early. (Little did he know that would bite him in the ass later, but we'll get to that.) Jacqui felt contractions and headed to the hospital at 3 a.m. on July 19. They were really excited ... until the labor process took 20 hours. Time was running out for their triple birthday miracle, but Mason didn't disappoint. Jacqui gave birth naturally at 11:30 p.m. on July 19.

Next year, Jacqui and Mason have a milestone birthday: 30 and 1. Paul says he'll plan the big bash and doesn't mind if all he gets is a cupcake.

Planning for July 19 is going to stress this family out for the rest of their lives. I thought I had it bad sharing my birthday with Jesus, but it sounds way worse to share it with your entire family. Everyone getting to blow out the candles ... what's special about that?

And poor Mason, he's gonna stress over what to get mom and dad every year, and he can't just enjoy his own day. "Man," he'll think, "what are the odds." He'll have no one to blame but himself ... he's the one who arrived early.

Ha. So happy birthday you three! But let's stay focused on baby two ... we wouldn't want the streak to be broken! July 19 for all four would be freaky and awesome.

Would you like to share your birthday with an immediate family member?

Photo via aaltonen/Flickr

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