Alicia Silverstone Does What All Moms Should

As far as I can tell, one of the coolest perks of being a celebrity mom is the idea that you can bring your baby on set. Alicia Silverstone is a new mom and is already back at work, and her husband Chris Jarecki and baby are by her side.

It's a great arrangement. Silverstone can work and never have to leave her family. But it isn't just for movie stars. Some workplaces are catching on to the idea that three months (if you are lucky) of maternity leave is (gasp!) not adequate, and that when babies are young, they can actually come into the office.

This isn't necessarily true once a baby is mobile, but for the first 7 to 8 months, a mom can often bring her baby to work. Yes, a nanny at the office would be better, but even without, it really seems like it could work and foster a family-friendly environment.


Young babies are generally quiet and well behaved. Not always, of course, but often enough that a mom could nurse, put her baby down in a quiet corner, and then get work done. No daycare pickup stress or worry about high charges for lateness.

Sure, it's distracting, but the fact is, having a baby is distracting whether that baby is physically in one's presence or not. I was lucky enough to not have to go back into an office, but I have heard stories from moms who spent the entirety of their first months back staring at photos of their newborns.

Babies sleep a lot, eat a lot, and like to be cuddled. I was a freelancer when my son was born and was able to work with him in an Ergo with an infant insert while sitting on a bouncy ball for much of the first part of his life. With my daughter, I took more time off work, but the fact is, it's possible -- VERY possible -- to get work done and have one's baby close by.

This should really be an option for more moms, not just celebs.

Would you bring your baby to work?


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