My Doctor Misdiagnosed My Baby

doctor googleIf you've ever left the doctor's office wishing you had said what was really on your mind, you just might be the ideal patient, according to a recent story on CNN. It seems there's a forum where physicians are complaining about "the patient who knows too much," and what a problem these informed people are. Moms, prepare to get your collective backs up.

Because usually, the most informed "patient" is the mom or dad of the tiny person in the room. Any mom who has taken her child to the doctor after being up all night on the Internet, trying to find out what that high fever and rash mean, should be offended. Digging for answers should be praised, not panned, and at least one physician, writing on BlogHer, agrees. 


I trust a medical professional because he or she has an education that I do not. But all doctors are human, and many mistakes doctors make are simply due to the fact that they don't know you or your baby as well as you do. They look for the most common, most obvious explanation -- which they should. If something falls out of the realm of normal, you might be the one who figures it out first. Bringing that information to your child's doctor is responsible and helps create a cooperative relationship between the two of you that results in better health for your child.

If a doctor is unwilling to hear what you have to say, you need to find another doctor. Especially when it comes to the health of your child. If I hadn't completely rejected my pediatrician's weird "night terrors" diagnosis when my baby was up for three nights, seemingly in pain, my poor little dude would have had a lot more sleepless nights. Instead, I stopped giving him soy milk -- since I suspected that was the problem, even though my doctor didn't -- and he never displayed those symptoms again. Needless to say, I found another doctor. Simply because I felt like a baby was more apt to have a problem with a new food that was introduced, in his case, soy, rather than night terrors. A pediatrician should have known that, especially after I told her that's what I thought it was.

I'm not saying Dr. Google should be a replacement for any physician's advice, but any real life doctor threatened by an informed patient is not someone I want caring for my baby.

Do you use the Internet to help diagnose your child's illnesses?


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