Baby Born in McDonald's Makes Us Thankful for McCop


Every pregnant mom has one irrational fear throughout her pregnancy: the fear that her water will break somewhere awkward. And when it comes to awkward, it doesn't get much worse than a 24-year-old cop at McDonald's delivering your child.

Yet that is exactly what happened to one mom in Newark, New Jersey. Did McDonald's induce her labor (are they good for something??) or did she merely just have some bad luck? Officer James Kniepp delivered the baby boy Wednesday afternoon in the bathroom. He had been driving by when someone flagged him down to help. He met the mom-to-be in the bathroom and coached her into staying calm while he successfully delivered her son.

Now, the baby was 8 weeks early, but is said to be doing fine. Even still, what a delivery!

She has no other choice but to name her son James. Or maybe Ronald (for Ronald McDonald).

Honestly, it's hard to imagine a place I would rather deliver my baby in less than McDonald's. That greasy smell, the dirty bathroom, a very young cop. This poor mom was in most other moms' worst case scenario for delivery.

That cop, of course, is a hero. Even still, that poor woman must have had about 100 people she would have preferred be with her at such an intimate moment. In the end, the baby is healthy and mom is OK, but what a beginning.

At least he will have a story he can tell the rest of his life. My guess is there are a lot more people conceived in McDonald's bathrooms than born in them on a daily basis.

Where is your worst place you can imagine delivering?

Image via AdamL212/Flickr

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Melis... Melissa042807

The worst place I could imagine delivering is an airplane. I've read stories about it happening and it must be so terrifying to know that you're totally stuck there until the plane lands, and there might not be anybody on board who knows how to help. Things are already beyond your control anyway, and then when you have THAT factored in...eeek.

melan... melanniek

This doesn't answer the question you asked, but your water breaking in an awkward situation isn't irrational really.  Case in point, my water broke while I was having sex...all over him...ummm...if that's not awkward, I don't know what is lol.  I'm overdue now with my second and dialated to a 4 and still walking around.  Heck yeah I fear my water breaking lol.

SicTr... SicTransitGlori

I went into labor in a McDonalds, but luckily my water didn't break. During my pregnancy I really craved Egg McMuffins. We were on the way to my doctor's appointment and I started getting contractions. It was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what the pain was (despite being a week overdue... duh!). Luckily my aunt knew what was going on and my DD was delivered in hospital.. phew. Not my classiest moment, but it's a story!

I feel for this woman!

nonmember avatar Vagabonds

The moral of the lesson? Just when you think you are destined to give birth all by yourself on a McDonald’s lavatory floor something called divine intervention raises its strange head and further complicates the notion you thought you had life figured out…

Edwin... EdwinsMommy

Actually, if I may make a correction to your summation, the article stated that the officer was a 24-year VETERAN of the force, not a 24-year- old  officer. In either case, still a harrowing way to come into the world.

KamiB79 KamiB79

I think having a baby in the car would be very undesirable!

Chels... Chelsey191

i think having a baby anywhere you cant get an epidural....

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