Kate Hudson Out Without Her Newborn Already?!

Kate Hudson out without new baby Bingham
Not her post-baby body, thank god
It seems like we just learned the name of Kate Hudson's new baby boy and were awwing over the cuteness of Bingham. But the honeymoon is over for the new mom as Hudson has been spotted out and about in Malibu, not once, but TWICE without her newborn. Not only that, the lady was enjoying lunch and hanging out on the beach with her 7-year-old son, Ryder, and fiance, Matt Bellamy. It looks like she's having a pretty swell time, too.

As someone who supports "mom time" in a major way, I don't want to let this celebrity news shock me, but yet, it does. I certainly don't want to be Judgey McJudgerson, but I find myself wondering, who's taking care of that baby, anyway?

I realize the way other people parent isn't any of my business (yet I can't look away!), but I think I've figured out why we're all gawking at photos of Kate Hudson flaunting her baby-free time.


If you guessed jealousy, yes, that's certainly a major part of it. When my baby was 10 days old, I was still barely walking and certainly not in any shape for dining out in Malibu. But the other side of the wonder is how Hudson could be away from her newborn in his first few days of life. I was so fascinated and completely frightened they would drop dead at any second, that the only time I wasn't glued to those babies was when I was sleeping.

Although truthfully, I couldn't tell you anything about the details of those first 10 days except that at least four of them were in the hospital, both involved a scary drive home with a fragile newbie, and I'm pretty sure my boobs hurt as much as my c-section incisions. So maybe I was dining out and romping on the beach, and I just totally don't remember that blur of the first few days of having a new baby around. Yes, that's highly doubtful. Maybe I was just fantasizing about doing those things, which is why actual photos of Kate Hudson looking pretty cute and enjoying her "old" life already is as perplexing as it is envy-inducing.

Were you out and about without your baby in the first two weeks?


Image via AshleyCooper/Flickr

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