World Cup Soccer Mom Rocks My Working Mom World (VIDEO)

christie rampone with daughterI was watching the news this morning and saw the United States Women's National Soccer team in NYC being greeted by fans. Sure, they came in second to Japan in the World Cup, but they aren't losers. They inspired so many. A women's sports team getting major attention? Love it. Christie Rampone, the team's captain, a 36-year-old mom of two from Point Pleasant, New Jersey? Love it more.

It's Rampone who as a working mom helps me chip away an edge of the guilt I feel for being a working mom, too. No, my job doesn't inspire a nation (well maybe some posts do inspire some) nor does it inspire kids to play a sport or unite our soldiers to give them something to cheer about. But I hope what I do, the sacrifices I have to make, inspires my kids. I work to give my family a better life. I work because my family needs the money to pay the bills. And I work where I work because I do love a lot about my job. I do have pride in it.


And I don't think some understand that. I know they don't. A lot of my working mom guilt comes from moms who pick at the scab of my working mom wound. It's not that I care what that person thinks, but rather their words hit me where I feel most vulnerable -- at the core of my motherhood. The guilt of being a working mom is deep. It's conflicting. It can be paralyzing. So much so that conversations on the topic just have to abruptly end because it's too much to bear. Especially when you can't do anything about it.

No one can really understand the choices a mom makes about working or not working unless she is that mom, sees the income, knows the bills that need to be paid, knows the family's situation.

I'll be honest when I tell you that I look at my stay-at-home mom friends and have a tinge of jealousy. But I don't chastise them for it. And when I see a mom like Rampone -- a working mom of 1-year-old Reece and 5-year-old Rylie -- I see the good that can come out of a mom who has to work beyond just the need for the money.

Rampone inspires me, helps me see the example we can set for our kids even when we have to be away from them. This is what she told the AP today:

Puts it all in perspective ... love playing soccer, two great kids smiling happy to see mom even after a tough loss yesterday ... but at the end of the day this is for them. It's for the youth, it's for the next ... it's for history and I think we did an amazing job over there.

She certainly did. The whole team did an amazing job. And we can do amazing jobs as moms -- working moms and stay-at-home moms (because we all know it is also very hard work that goes into being a SAHM). Working moms can sigh a bit of relief and realize we aren't damaging our kids, that we are setting good examples even when our jobs take us away from our kids. Not even second place can make you anything less than a first place mom.


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