Adorable Baby Smiles on Demand (VIDEO)

smiling babyIn a world full of too many horrific headlines, here's a sweet little slice of happiness. In this video, little 6-month-old Kalia smiles on demand. A pretty sweet feat for any babe that young, but the best part is just what an incredible smile she flashes, anytime anyone asks her to do so. 

Check her out after the jump. She will make you smile on demand.


Baby tricks are the best, and this one in particular is so many kinds of awesome. 

For so many months, we get little feedback or reaction from our babies for all of our hours of feeding, changing, and cuddling them. So when they finally start engaging with us, it's thrilling and oh so cute. As they grow older, so do the tricks (think 7-year-olds jumping from precarious places), but they're never quite the same as those first few ways our babies try to delight us.

What are your baby's best tricks?

Image via YouTube

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