Mom Tried to Sell Newborn & That's Not the Worst Part

Many of us have joked at one time or another that we want to sell our children, but few of us (actually, let's hope NONE of us) have tried to follow through. But one mom in Washington did just that to her 3-day-old son.

And that is not even the worst part.

This "mom" (can we really call her that?) didn't even know the person was interested. In fact, the person wasn't and called 9-1-1 (thank goodness). And even that is not the worst part.

Perhaps the worst part of this whole sordid tale that took place in a Taco Bell is that this "mother" said her son was only worth $500. For a baby boy. 


It isn't really possible to place a number on the value of human life. And lord knows, I have joked about selling my kids at a yard sale for $5 when they act up. Last night we were on our way home from our family lake house and my younger child sobbed for three hours straight because I wouldn't do yoga with him. Sure, I joked.

Times are trying and raising kids is hard. But never in my most wild imaginings did I ever think I would actually do such a thing. In fact, now it doesn't seem so funny, does it? There is nothing more precious than my children and no dollar amount that anyone could give me that would be worth losing them.

To this woman, her newborn, vulnerable infant was worth $500. I have spent that on a pair of shoes. Thank goodness the authorities have taken this child away and the person she offered her baby to called 9-1-1. But what if they hadn't? What if they had taken the deal? Who are they? Did she even wonder?

This isn't a woman who should be fertile and I hope this baby boy is adopted by a family who can love him as he deserves to be loved.

Does this story anger you?


Image via stevendamron/Flickr

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