Victoria & David Beckham Introduce Harper Seven With Another Classy Move

Victoria and Harper BeckhamGet ready for a baby boom, because photos released this morning of David and Victoria Beckham with little Harper Seven just might spur one. The new parents each shared lovely, intimate pictures of one another with their new little beauty.

Posh Spice tweeted one of Harper rubbing noses with her daddy and a caption that read,
"Daddy's little girl!" David posted a lovely shot of Harper sleeping on her mama's chest on his Facebook page saying "I took this picture of my two girls sleeping." And the world let out a collective sigh of "awwww."


I can feel ovaries ache everywhere as this beautiful little girl makes us all think about one or another one of our own ... even if we thought we were totally done. Because it appeared the Beckhams were done, as their youngest son was 5 when they announced the happy news, and look how incredible their starting over looks.

Of course, everything the family does typically looks incredible, and they get major props for demonstrating how to bring a baby into the world with style and class. I love that the first pictures of Harper, born just last week, were released via Twitter and Facebook, and that they didn't hold out to sell them to the highest bidder.

From the perfect pregnancy pictures to picking out such a great name, they have defied the traditional -- and not always so classy -- pregnant celebrity ways. No nude pregnancy pictures, no ridiculous baby name -- just normal, sweet, and sentimental stuff. Other celebrities would do well to follow in their fashionable footsteps.

As little Harper Seven continues to grow, I hope the Beckhams continue to give us glimpses into their lives as they've been doing. Right now, in particular, it's certainly a nice, positive distraction from all the Casey Anthony witch-hunt madness.

What do you think of these first pictures of Harper Seven Beckham?

Image via Splash News

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