Teens Who Listen to NPR & 11 More Who Don't Need a Babysitter

homeThere comes a time in every parent's life when they must decide: is my kid old enough to stay home without a babysitter? In honor of the parents who caught their 14-year-old sleeping with his 19-year-old babysitter, it's time to clear up this conundrum. When your kids are acting more like adults than you . . . it's pretty safe to say they don't need a sitter.


He's engaging in a consensual sexual relationship with his sitter -- because you left them home together, giving them all the time they needed to get it on.

He's listening to NPR. By choice.

He's cooking nicer meals than you could ever plan (even if you weren't working 40 plus hours, trying to maintain a household, getting no sleep, etc.)

He enjoys cleaning without you resorting to bribery, or threats to take away his Xbox. In which case, please, give him all the time he needs  . . . at my house.

He can keep a plant alive.

He can advise YOU on which neighbor lady it's best avoid asking "how are you today" because he knows she'll tell you, in detail.

He makes your brother show ID at the peephole before opening the door.

He's a card carrying member of the neighborhood watch.

He's able to hold onto money for more than 5 minutes before begging to blow it on ice cream, gum, that pretty rock.

His favorite TV show is It Takes a Thief.

He uses a tissue instead of wiping his boogers on your butt (because OMG, he wouldn't touch your butt with a 10-foot pole).

He accepted your friend request on Facebook.

When did you start getting the picture that your teen was too old for a babysitter?


Image via Wharman/Flickr

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