Routine Medical Care Should Not Be This Devastating

A baby with severe brain damage suffered after he contracted an infection soon after birth may have ended up with the infection because of an alcohol wipe. Yes, the same alcohol wipes that were likely used on your baby (and both of mine). Pretty terrifying, really.

Myles Massey is a twin and his brother is fine. But Myles, now 3, cannot speak or walk, has cerebral palsy, and must be fed through a stomach tube. And now, lawyers for the parents -- Aaron and Tracy Massey of Kenmore, Washington -- say it's because of contaminated alcohol wipes.

Last year the Federal Food and Drug Administration discovered the Bacillus cereus bacterium -- the same bacteria that liquefied part of Myles' brain -- in alcohol prep pads manufactured by Triad. In January the pads went through a massive recall. But it was too late to help Myles.


As a parent, this story is horrifying. We go to the hospital because we trust them to do what is right for our children. We trust them to be sterile and clean. Of course, in this case, the hospital was also trusting, trusting that the alcohol wipes they were using weren't contaminated with bacteria that could destroy the life of a newborn.

It's devastating all around no matter how you look at it. And as someone who used those wipes (and still might have a bunch, actually), it's scary.

There are frivolous lawsuits and then there are ones in which you really want to see the people win. This is the latter kind. There is no amount of money that can possibly give this family back what has been taken from them, but at least if they have the money, little Myles can have the best of everything.

The company was negligent with something so very important. Alcohol wipes are used to sterilize things every day. We trust that their methods are sterile and sound. And when they violate that trust, horrible, life-altering things happen. There are times to say "mistakes happen" and there are times to fight for what is right.

I want this family to get every last dollar from Triad.

Do you think they should sue?

Image via cell105/Flickr

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