What if You Had to Count on a Stranger to Save Your Child’s Life?

save a baby's life
Baby Kate
If you want a good cry today, head on over to Alex and Lindsey's blog, We're Finally Three! As you scroll through the beautiful pictures of their 10-month-old, Kate, you'll find it impossible to believe that this baby girl is actually fighting for her life. You can file this story under "life can be so cruel," as the couple struggled through pregnancy losses and infertility and finally conceived this adorable little girl who was born last August. Then just last month, they were given the news that baby Kate has a rare condition of bone marrow failure and needs a transplant to survive.

I'm very afraid that if I received such devastating news, I'd curl up into a ball and die. Right after I renounced God and looked for someone, anyone, to blame. But we should never underestimate a mother's fight when it comes to her children. In reality, I would hope I would do just what Kate's mom is doing right now.


Lindsey took to the Internet and is calling on everyone to register at GetSwabbed.org, a bone marrow registry that can identify a match for baby Kate. I registered many years ago when my cousin was in need of a transplant, as did the rest of our family. But it turns out that many matches do come from strangers, which is why the family is asking everyone -- including you -- to see if you could possibly be a match and save a life.

Some moms run races for the cure, some moms never take "no" for an answer from a doctor, some moms petition Congress for laws that protect our children. Kate's mom is calling on all of us to do something very simple; get tested to see if our bone marrow is a match. Let's help her out.

Are you a registered bone marrow donor?


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