Jessica Alba Tells New Moms the Truth About Our Bods

Jessica Alba is one of the most attractive, svelte, and sexy actresses out there today, but even she admits that getting her body back after giving birth to her daughter Honor has been a challenge.

The actress told People that she will likely never weigh what she weighed pre-baby. And thank goodness she said it. Because it's the truth. Most women who have had children, with few exceptions, will never look the way they looked before they had them.

I have always had a muscular/curvy physique, but certainly since children, my body has changed. My jeans don't zip the same, things are softer than before, and I have a stubborn two or three pounds that refuse to disappear.


And then I look at celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Rachel Zoe or even Alba and I cannot figure out how they did it. So, it makes me feel a lot better to know we all struggle together.

Since I had my children, I have run two marathons, a few half marathons, and countless training miles. I have attended at least 500 yoga classes. And no matter how much I crunch and lift and run, my body remains softer somehow. But how could it not? I carried two babies! I am proud of that fact. I am proud of what it can do and it's high time we actually appreciated that instead of hiding it away.

Alba also said that she feels sexier and more empowered since giving birth, and who can blame her?

We are powerful. We are so amazing. And a few more pounds aren't going to change that. Why would we want to hide our battle scars? After all, they gave us our kids. More moms should tell the truth and maybe we wouldn't feel compelled to starve ourselves and force ourselves into clothing that is too tight or workouts that are too rough just so we can conform to some standard.

Our bodies may not be as flawless as they once were, but what some may see as flaws, I see as marks of courage and signs that my babies lived in there. I'll take them!

Has your body changed dramatically?

Image via sheksays/Flickr

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