Adorable Sleepy Baby Will Make Your Ovaries Palpitate (VIDEO)

I have come to the conclusion that no matter how many babies I have, I will always want more. There is just something about babies. This YouTube video of this baby, a sleepy little sweetheart with a precious smile, isn't making things any easier.

Babies can be so difficult, but after you have a couple, you realize how fleeting those sweet first years are. All stages are sweet and wonderful in their own right, but you only have a baby for about a year. And the next thing you know, they are toddling away from you.

So, capture those moments in videos like this one. And if you don't have any of your own kids, you will appreciate this one:


Isn't that sleepy smile just delicious? The reason videos like this go viral is obvious. Who doesn't love a precious baby? But it's more than that, too.

All of us moms know how quickly it goes, but all of us who have been there likely have a soft spot for anyone's baby videos.

Don't you just want to squeeze this little bundle? Or, as one commenter on You Tube said:

omg.. ovaries. exploding.


Does this baby make you want another?


Image via YouTube

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