Baby Served Tequila at Chili's, Why Does This Keep Happening?

chili's serves tequila to babyIs there a rash of pranksters that think getting tots drunk is something they can record on YouTube in hopes of going viral? Or are children just looking way older than their age these days? Or perhaps people are really crappy at their jobs. Because yet again, a popular chain restaurant served alcohol to children.

A mother took her three children, ages 8, 6, and 1, to dinner at her local Chili's on the Fourth of July, before heading to the fireworks display. She ordered a smoothie for the kids to share, and instead all three of them got a tequila-spiked fruity drink. I can't imagine what tequila might do to a 1-year-old, but luckily before they had all downed their drinks, the oldest child complained about the taste, and the discovery was made.

Still, the 8-year-old and the 6-year-old weren't acting normally that night at the Fourth of July celebration.


In fact, the 8-year-old sacked out early, and the 6-year-old was acting "wild," according to the mom. Which is also how the mom at Applebee's noticed her toddler was drinking something other than juice a few months ago.

Which is to say, anytime we go out to eat from now on, my kids are getting milk. The bartender is said to feel horrible about what happened on this busy night where he said he was overwhelmed. I wonder what kind of responsibility the waitstaff has here as well? Also wondering when the lawsuit is coming.

Drunk grade schoolers, toddlers, and babies are not cute, y'all. Perhaps some taste-testing of your kiddo's fruity drink is in order the next time you head out to eat good in the neighborhood or get some of that baby back rib business. Because clearly these chain restaurants are NOT carding.

Image via Brokentaco/Flickr

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