Adorable Baby Acts Out Scenes to Your Favorite Movies (PHOTOS)

Arthur AlienMaternity leave can go from the most exhilarating time of your life to the most boring. When baby's up, you're up. When baby's asleep, you're trying to sleep ... but how many of us can do that? Moms, you need to find some way to amuse yourself.

And Emily Cleaver, mom to the delicious 3-month-old Arthur, has come up with the coolest way EVER. The freelance writer is owner of Studio Arthur, a blog dedicated to photos of her little boy re-creating classic movies. Well, OK, technically it's Cleaver setting up the cute little baby in the midst of famous scenes from the likes of Alien (above) and The Godfather.


The resulting photos are at once witty and so cute you just have to share them. Just take a look at a few she shared with The Stir:

Here's Arthur re-enacting the "horse head" in bed scene from The Godfather:

Arthur The Godfather

And here's Arthur in a scene from The Shawshank Redemption:

Arthur Shawshank

And my absolute favorite take on Jaws ever:

Arthur Jaws

Want to follow Emily's footsteps to create some cool memories and pass the time through YOUR maternity leave? The Stir asked her how she came up with the idea:

Says Cleaver, "The idea for the Alien picture just popped into my head while I was playing with him one day, and I happened to have my mobile phone in my pocket so I took a picture. I'm on maternity leave at the moment, so I guess my brain has a lot of time to ramble!"

She posted them on Facebook (natch), and her friends got a good chuckle, prompting Cleaver to start coming up with new movies and sharing them. "The response has been so great on Facebook that I decided to make the pictures into a blog," she explained. "I love movies, so it's been a lot of fun thinking up new ones."

And now for the big question. The Stir had to know -- how does she get little Arthur to stay STILL for so long?

"Arthur sitting still for the photos is a bit of an illusion!" Cleaver confessed. "He is generally quite a chilled out baby and is happy to gurgle to himself while I take pictures of him, but he often wriggles all over the place and I just take loads of shots until he starts grumbling, then I pick one where he looks posed."

So there you have it. Check out the rest of Studio Arthur for your own ideas, and tell us in comments which one is your favorite.


Images via Emily Cleaver/Studio Arthur

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