Mom Offends Office With 'Disgusting' Breast Pump

breast pump offensive
My eyes! They're burning!
Here we go again with the workplace douchebaggery. Get ready to moan out loud when you read this letter to "Motherlode" over at the NYT. It seems a new mom is getting a lot of crap for having her breast pump at work. Not nursing at work, not pumping in public, simply having the black bag filled with the "um, um, um apparatus" as her HR person so eloquently put it.

Seriously, her office mate saw the bag unzipped and it offended her. Again, not the new mom's boobs pulled out with nipple guards attached, milk pumping through the tubes and into the bottles. Just the bag, sitting under her desk, not completely zipped up.

It's come to this moms; any plastic you carry around with you is offensive.


I think it's clear that this lady's office mate has some serious problems. Anyone who complains to HR about a bag in your office that is not filled with explosives and/or rotting food needs to take a good hard look at their life. As in, do you have one? Do you have anything better to do than to be offended by someone's personal items? Additionally, her office mate is only there a few times a week. So she's rarely subjected to a black bag filled with clear and yellow plastic? My goodness, how can she stand to even walk in the door?!

Not unlike the woman who couldn't stand to drink a beer in front of her friend's baby, I have to wonder about this lady's insecurities. If new mothers make you feel so bad about yourself that you have to contact HR, or write a letter to Miss Manners, you need to be in therapy. And leave the moms alone. They need that time to pump, after all.

Do you think pumping moms shouldn't be allowed to have a pump at work?


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