Mariah Carey's Body Looks Amazing After Twins (PHOTO)


Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey
New twinner mama Mariah Carey finally stepped out to "debut" (whether she wanted to or not) her post-babies body to the celeb-crazed world just two months after the birth of her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, who were born on April 30. Doesn't she look great? And let's be honest -- did we really think she wouldn't?

She's doing everything right with this casual look. Wearing big shades to cover her sleep-deprived eyes and a form-fitting black sweat suit. After all, it's a mistake to wear big baggy clothes postpartum. It only makes you look bigger than you already feel.

After seeing all the shots of Mariah, all I can say is thank god I'm not a celebrity -- "debuting" your postpartum figure for the first time isn't easy for us "invisible" moms. Can you imagine if you were a celebrity, albeit one who's known for her sexy bod?

These snapshots of Mariah Carey were taken outside of her Manhattan apartment building, and they're the first we've seen of the new mom. To us, she looks lovely and perfectly slimmed down, but if Carey's like any other new mom I know, she's still getting used to her post-baby body

Don't get me wrong. Our bodies after babies are not bad (well, except for those early weeks when your squishy gut and milk-filled breasts take up an extra seat, which they fall into on their very own). However, they sure are different. Even when I got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight at least 10 months after both my boys were born, things didn't sit the same on my frame. I was, let's say, wonderfully remodeled. And let me also say I didn't feel that positive about it on most days either. It's a big transition atop becoming a mom and all the new feelings and emotions that brings.

Anyway, I give Ms. Carey some credit for being brave amid what's likely to be a lot of commentary on her new figure. While she's unlucky to have to live out this transition in the public eye, she's lucky she looks so fit and fabulous. Her celebrity status may bring scrutiny, but it also brings personal trainers.

Did you have a hard time adjusting to your post-baby body?


Image via SplashNews

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nonmember avatar A

Looking great postpartum really isn't any big achievement when you have someone to buy and cook healthy meals, time to work out plus a trainer, and a nanny to take care of your kids while you do it. So no, I'm not impressed.

Starleet Starleet

Honestly it looks like she may have went the surgery route. If you click on the gallery, all the photos show her holding her stomach and everyone helping her walk.

FitMo... FitMom9603

I think she looks great,but I am sure she is not juggling all of this on her own,she has trainers,a surgeon lol,plus live in help I am sure.Try doing it all on your own.I just had twins,June 5th,and its no walk in the park.

halli... hallieballie

The quick post baby slim down is so over rated.  Why do we women feel we need to get back to a pre pregnant weight in a certain time line?  It's ridiculous and puts way too much pressure on moms, only adding reasons to have PPD.  After a baby, I'm proud of my baby, and could care less of what people think of my body.  Why are they looking anyway?  I just had a baby so pay attention to her... not me! 

nonmember avatar Melissa

I was totally freaked out by my post-baby body for the first few days LOL. Every time I stood up I'd poke my belly and pout at my husband and he'd laugh. Not in a bad way. I was the one trying to find humor in the situation!

Now it's not so bad. I lost all the baby weight (and then some) at a nice, slow, healthy rate. I've got that nice stretchmarked saggy little pouch on my lower tummy and my boobs are definitely not the same, but it's nothing properly fitting clothes and good bras can't fix. :-)

Shannon Lea Schutz

I think she looks great & I looked similar to her after I had my son 2 months after giving birth. I gained 45lbs & lost half from breastfeeding alone in those short months! I thought she was breastfeeding & since she is breastfeeding twins then she is probably burning more calories then if she were just breastfeeding one.

arnptee arnptee

After I had my kids the most it took me to get back to my pre baby weight was three weeks.  But believe me when I say I'm not bragging because there were other issues to contend with, such as PPD brought on by a malfunctioning thyroid, which left me feeling like an 18-wheeler ran over me.  I couldn't take care of my babies for a while.  Nobody knew what was going on for a while.  I thought I was a bad mother and that people viewed me as being lazy.  It took a long time for the dx to come through and a lot of resentment toward the medical profession for just dismissing all of the signs.  Once I started treatments, the only thing I have as a reminder of my pregnancy days are the remaining stretchmarks that look like the map of NYC that rise slightly above my belly button and span on the side of my hips with full coverage on my belly.  The only think I missed out on was not being able to wear a bikini, but a one-piece has always worked well.

katan... katandjohnmommy

I had twins 6 months ago and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight before I left the hospital. How come people have to criticize her because she is back or almost to and think it's because she has money. As for the holding her stomach, I believe she had a c-section. And for any mom who has had a c-section you know how that hurts. Shes probably holding it because she hurts. I am so glad that I never have to live in the public eye

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