Forgetting Your Baby in a Hot Car Could Happen to You

leave baby in hot carAs much as you may hate the term "mommy brain," there are times when there is no other explanation for the complete lack of focus, awareness, and general control over your life. Or rather, it's an over-focus and over-awareness about every single thing in your crazy, busy life that pushes important information out of your brain. How can you remember to keep your children alive, and get them to the appropriate appointments on time, get yourself dressed professionally for work, and still remember to return your cousin's phone call? 

You can't. And sometimes the really important stuff is what falls by the wayside. Which is why Jenny's story at And Nobody Told Me ... rings so true, while still being completely terrifying. This busy mom did the scariest thing a mom could imagine -- but we all fear could happen, given our overextended minds: She forgot her baby in the car on a hot day.


Luckily for Jenny, and her baby, she remembered within minutes of walking her older child into her pre-school and raced back before her little boy even knew she was gone. But we read so many stories with tragic results in these same scenarios. This week a mom was charged with negligence after her 3-year-old went outside and into their hot car, and died. She was doing housework, and an hour-and-a-half later, her son was dead. She has seven children, and believed them all to be safe inside when she was working. I've been working in my house and assumed my son was napping. Should I be charged with negligence if I don't check on him every five minutes?

This could happen to any of us. It honestly could.

My child goes to the same pre-school as Jenny's daughter, and just this morning on my way to drop off my son first, then my daughter at pre-school, I drove right past my son's day care. It was one step away from completely forgetting he was in the car. I had a lot on my mind, and our routine has been out of whack since we moved a few weeks ago. I know Jenny, and I know she's a great mom. Always busy, but always deeply devoted to her children, and ready to commiserate with, and laugh at, all of our crazy mom business.

We all make mistakes, and hopefully, none of them cost you more than embarrassment and a moment of feeling like a bad mother. No one should punish a busy mom for forgetfulness. Her guilt will be punishment enough.

Have you ever forgotten your child somewhere?


Image via Chris P./Flickr

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