Twin Babies Have Cutest Synchronized Laughing Fit Ever (VIDEO)

twin babies laughingThere are some memes on the web that just won't quit: Flash mobs, cute kitties, and '80s pop music throwbacks. (Rickrolling, anyone?) But one of the newest and most awesome has to be adorable twin babies. We love watching them speak their own "secret" twin language to one another and sneeze in sync.

Why? Obviously, it's because twin videos offer double the cuteness!

Take the latest installment of twin Internet entertainment to hit the web. Two twin baby girls are laughing at something nonsensical their videographer (father?) is saying/doing, and the ongoing, simultaneous baby guffawing is amazing! It's practically cute overload. And hey, if your day isn't off to the best start, well, their giggling is bound to cheer you up.

See the video ...


I particularly love when they shriek with laughter, as if what they're watching is just so hilarious, they can barely handle it! Bahahahaha. ADORABLE! Love love love it.

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Image via YouTube

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