Cutest Babies Ever Freak Out Over Water Bottle (VIDEO)

laughing babiesWho needs toys? Not these two outrageously adorable babies, who just can't get over the hilarity of being sprayed in the face with water. Yup, two babies, one spray bottle, hours of entertainment on the cheap!

And how perfect a pastime for these hot summer days? If my kids were still babies, I'd make this my go-to sunny day trick, but alas, at 10 and 5, I doubt they would find being spritzed with water quite the giggle-fest these two babies do. (Though they would probably get a kick out of spraying me in the face with water.)


Just watch how these babies react to the magical spray bottle ... again, and again, and again. (Be sure to wait for the end, when the baby girl gets completely loopy.) What makes your baby laugh?


Image via YouTube

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