New Crib Regulations in Effect: What You Need to Know

baby in cribTime to go crib-shopping (again!). The government's new crib regulations are in effect, and they're a whole lot stricter than ever before. In fact, chances are the crib your baby is sleeping in now wouldn't meet the latest standards.

The biggest change in crib safety: The sale and manufacture of drop-side cribs is now banned. If you already have one, it's still legal to use it, but when you hear why the feds are cracking down on drop-side cribs you might not want to anymore.


Since 2000, drop-side cribs have been blamed for the deaths of at least 32 babies. In most of these cases, the movable sides broke and created a gap between the mattress and the side of the crib where the infants were trapped. I can't imagine anything more horrifying, so if either one of my kids was still in a crib (ours was a drop-side!), I'd be buying a new one right now. Why take the risk?

Of course, cribs are expensive and times are tough -- that's why I think there should be some sort of reimbursement program in place for parents who already own a drop-side crib. It's really not fair to announce that a certain kind of crib is potentially deadly without offering some kind of assistance for families who'll need to replace their model -- a discount? Coupons? Something.

Crib manufacturers have a few other new guidelines to follow, too, including making stronger slats and mattress supports and outfitting hardware with anti-loosening devices. No need to toss your current crib based on those changes, though -- just do regular checks to make sure the screws are tight and everything is secure.

Do you have a drop-side crib? Will you keep it?


Image via Sonya Green/Flickr

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