I Hate Your Baby's Name. There, I Said It.

baby nameThere's one in every crowd: the mom who really went way too far when she decided on her baby's name. I mean, that's permanent! At least until he grows up and realizes that Moroccan Scott is the worst name in the history of the universe, and in order to be taken seriously, he's got to legally change that stinker.

I'm sorry. I know it's been a few months, but I just can't get over Moroccan Scott. So if I were buddies with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, I would decide it was time to step up and say something already.

But there's a way to talk to your friend and a way not to talk to your friend when you think she's lost her ever-loving mind and her baby will pay the price for her daffy decision.



Encourage the "wait and see" approach. Remind your friend that lots of people need to see the baby before they decide on a name, and hope the baby really doesn't look like a "Buttercup."


Go to the hospital on the day of dismissal and grab the birth certificate with one hand and your white-out with the other.


Bring over a unique baby name book to show that you get she likes a special something-something when it comes to branding her baby.


Write "gross!" in the margin next to the name that makes you gag, but they've already told you is their top pick.


Offer to brainstorm other options if mom asks your opinion.


Bring over a list titled, "100 Names Better Than Harry."


Remember that once you meet the baby, you'll forget about that goofy name (except for Moroccan Scott -- really???), and fall in love with Ptolemy anyway.


Always address the baby as "Sofia" even though her name is "SoSeeYa."

How do you handle it when you hate your friend's baby name?


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