Denise Richards Adopts Baby, Makes Single Motherhood Beautiful

denise richardsDenise Richards continues to impress me. Seriously. I'm not one to hold bad taste in men against a girl (ha! That would be hypocritical!), and the strides she's made as a mom recently are pretty inspiring. First she selflessly offered to step in and take care of Charlie Sheen's twins with most recent ex-wife Brooke Mueller. Now comes the news that she's adopted a baby girl to raise as a sister to the two daughters she has with Sheen (Sam, 7, and Lola, 6).

Even the baby girl's name is thoughtful and sweet: Her first name, Eloise, was chosen by Sam and Lola; her middle name, Joni, is for Richards' late mother. This careful consideration for her family's well-being is becoming the trademark of Richards' post-Sheen life, and I admire that. It would have been incredibly easy for Richards to go in a very different direction.


Just imagine the countless, probably extremely lucrative offers Richards must have gotten to publicly trash Sheen when he was at the height of his "winning streak." She didn't accept any of them. Instead, she gracefully avoided speaking any unkind words against the father of her children (however warranted they might have been) and offered to raise the twin boys she considers, as half-siblings to her own girls, to be part of her family ... a family she's committed to growing, apparently. I have no doubt that Richards will give Eloise Joni a great childhood.

I just think it's fabulous to see a woman doing so well after what was probably a much nastier marriage and divorce than any of us even realize (remember, back when they were together, we thought Sheen was kind of a jerk but we didn't know he was a raving lunatic yet. Bet Denise found that out pretty quickly!). It's like Richards has morphed from a starlet in an abusive relationship to a mama bear determined to provide a safe, happy home for as many kids as she can.

Are you impressed with Denise Richards as a mom?


Image via Viva Vivanista/Flickr

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