Ban My Baby From First Class At Your Own Risk

babies banned from first classThe first airline to officially ban babies from first class may be starting a trend, but before some of you get too excited about it, you'd better watch your back. After all, you could be next. And if I had my way, you totally would you jerkfaces.

Listen, I get it. You spent cold hard cash (or your company did, ahem) on a first class ticket so you could spread out, get some free champagne, and take a nap. You only want to be awoken by a hot towel and fresh lemon, not a baby suffering from pressure in her ears. I get it. But crying babies aren't the only people who are seriously disturbing on airlines. You are too. Yes, you. Especially if you do any of the following:

  • Blow your nose
  • Tell me about your entire life
  • Hog the armrest
  • Snore
  • Complain about your wife
  • Fart
  • Pick your teeth
  • Watch Fox News on your in-flight television
  • File your nails
  • Talk in a patronizing tone to the flight attendant
  • Try to sell me Herbalife (this actually happened)

Basically, there are a lot of really annoying people sitting next to you on any given flight. Paying extra for a cushy seat does not guarantee that those same people won't bug the crap out of you. Babies, at least, aren't clueless adults and have an excuse for inappropriate behavior. What's yours?

As with the bar situation, when I'm headed out for a good, relaxing time, I generally don't bring my baby along. I love my kids, but they just can't hang unless I also buy a first class seat for some guy in an Elmo costume. Which I'm totally not willing to do. However, if you've got cash for first class for the entire family -- go for it. I guarantee you, your baby will not be the most obnoxious person in seats 1A - 6D.

Do you think babies should be banned in first class?

Image via jyri/Flickr

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