Heavy Metal Baby Headbangs to Pantera (VIDEO)

pantera babyRock on, little dude! Proving that babies love ALL kinds of music -- not just songs sung by Sesame Street characters -- pint-sized Pantera fan Jonah is a serious headbanger. Apparently the track "F**king Hostile" turns this tot into a one-kid mosh pit -- he even does a heavy metal fist pump (I'm almost positive I can see his tiny pointer finger and pinkie sticking out)!

My favorite thing about this video is that Jonah's not just mindlessly thrashing about to the tune, his routine is a masterpiece of choreography. Just watch as his little hand grooves in time with the distortion-heavy riff about halfway through! Jonah knows how to mix it up, man. Sometimes he punches the air with two fists (not an amateur move), sometimes he goes into full spin mode (even if he does get a little bit dizzy there, whoops!).


You have to see the awesomeness that is Jonah to believe it. (Oh, and make sure you watch the video all the way until the end!)

I know there are going to be a bunch of moms who don't take too kindly to a baby listening to obscenities being screamed at top volume, but, well, I am not one of those moms, and I say kudos to Jonah's parents for introducing him early on to a harmless way of channelling his aggression!

Does your baby ever rock out?


Image via YouTube

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