Tragic Story Proves Not All Moms Should Breastfeed

breastfeeding mom kills babyAs so many moms either struggle to nurse against all odds, or fight for their right to nurse in public, or have a spare room at their office to pump, I just can't wrap my head around this latest story about a breastfeeding mom who killed her baby.

Stephanie Greene is facing homicide charges after her 6-week-old baby died while in her care. Tests later showed that the baby had received a lethal dose of morphine, which came directly from mom's milk. Greene had been forging prescriptions and had morphine patches she was using as she breastfed her newborn.

I realize that you can't put all nursing moms into one category, but IN GENERAL, aren't women who make the effort to nurse not the drug-stealing, overdosing while caring for a newborn type?


Greene is a horrible example of a mother, and an extreme example of when breast really is not best. Her baby girl, Alexis, would still be alive (well, maybe considering what else was going on in that home) if she'd been given some Similac. Someone who is chasing illegal drugs surely doesn't have the patience for breastfeeding.

I mean, I went to classes, met with the La Leche League, and bought a super duper pump -- and I still had breastfeeding issues! This woman could just automatically feed her baby breast milk? I guarantee you she wasn't hanging out at The Pump Station looking for advice on how to get her baby to latch. Yet, her baby was nursing. Supposedly getting what was best for her, when it killed her.

Despicable. Irresponsible. And completely unbelievable.

Does something just seem odd about this story?

Image via theinvinciblemom/Flickr

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