Memo to Pink: Babies & Motorcycles Don't Mix

Most parents go out and buy the most fortified, safest car known to man when they have their first baby. But rocker Pink has been threatening to take her weeks-old daughter Willow out on a motorcycle. And according to her, it would be perfectly legal.

The 31-year-old singer received a new bike from her husband, Carey Hart and is dying to take it out, which is totally understandable. After months of pregnancy, any new mom is dying to get back into the way things once were to regain some piece of herself. But who would really take a baby on a motorcycle?


Pink tweeted:

I wanna ride my new Harley my babydaddy got me! soon!!!! RT @butchwalker Good morning.. Let's go on a motorbike ride today California.

Soon after, she asked:

how old do babies have to be on motorcycles?may have to get a side car.for bubba and willow. they can wear capes and doggles and rhinestones.

And then:

no actual age restriction in CA! that's insane hahahahahah-I'll make sure @hartluck doesn't see that.i grew up on the back of my dad's bike.

Well, apparently she is right. But she is also wrong. In order to be safe, a passenger must be able to reach the foot pegs and clearly a baby cannot. Additionally, passengers must wear helmets and in order to wear a regulation helmet, one must have a head large enough to fit it, which would mean a child likely has to be at least 8-10.

In the end, I think she has to be joking because who would really put a baby on a motorcycle? Leave the baby with your hubby, for god's sake and ride to your heart's content, but keep the babe off the motorcycle for a long, long time.

Would you put a baby on a bike?

Image via ** Maurice **/Flickr

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