Babies Should Be Welcome at a Bar

babies in bars
Whoooo! Let's Get This Party Started!
Are we really having this discussion again? Yes, apparently, as a young singleton wrote into Miss Manners complaining about her friend who insists on *gasp* bringing her baby with her when she goes where adults are too. I know, the horror!

While, personally, I get a sitter if I want to go to a bar, or an adult party that starts after 8pm (but that's only because I want to actually relax), I'm having a really hard time understanding why this cranky 20-something is launching a full-scale attack on her friend with a new baby. In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this b**ch needs to shut it.


In addition to being positive that her friend brought her baby to a recent holiday party just for attention (yes, the writer is clearly still in high school, mentally), the young lady who wrote asking Miss Manners for advice insisted on calling the baby, "it." Let's see how she describes the recent party where her friend had the gall to bring the newborn.

"One couple in particular feels the need to parade their bundle of joy around since the week that it was born -- they brought a newborn to an adult holiday party where we were all cheerily drinking. I've always heard newborns aren't supposed to be exposed to outsiders and germs ... and intoxicated people."

But I guess it's no problem exposing a baby to assholes.

Listen, sweetheart, if a party is at an establishment that does not require ID to enter, a baby can come in. One can carry a baby in a sling and still socialize. Mom probably didn't feel comfortable leaving a brand new baby at home alone, but really wanted to see other adults. Or she was nursing, and wanted to stay for more than a few hours. Or (also highly likely) she had some friends who wanted to see her and the baby. What's the problem? Oh, the problem is this:

"I’m sick of couples looking down their noses at single people like me, with their faux maturity -- because that’s what it is, for saying that we don’t want to amend our social habits just so that they can have their baby cake and party while eating it too."

I see, someone is incredibly insecure, and can't get a date and so therefore has to lash out at new parents in her "social circle." Awesome. Well, lady, you'd better hope you take advantage of any party invites now, because once you decide to have a baby, it's a perfect excuse for all of the people you've annoyed to leave you off the guest list.

Do you think babies should be allowed where alcohol is served?

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