Smoking Pot Is Good For Moms


It seems like everything that we moms do is subject to intense scrutiny and judged by the "good-mom-eter." If we dare stray from the straight and narrow we are automatically cast aside as evil women who are neglectful at best, abusive for sure and likely to end up having to pay for years of therapy.

This makes the moms in last week's New York Post article who admitted to smoking pot regularly particularly brave. Of course, they did not use their names. The fact is, in certain circles, it is perfectly acceptable for mom to drink wine at play-dates, have a cocktail with dinner or some beer after the kids are in bed.

But pot? No way. Only "bad moms" do that! Not so.

Aside from being illegal, pot is actually much safer than alcohol. The statistics don't lie. Despite marijuana's legal status, 16.7 million people over the age of 12 smoked pot at least once in the month prior to taking a survey from the US Department of Health and Human Services. That is up 8 percent from the previous year.

As pot grows in popularity, so too does the truth about it, which is that really, as a drug, its effects are no worse than wine or beer or tequila. If mommy can drink booze, mommy can toke, too.

Now, obviously, sharing marijuana with children or doing it in front of them is a big no-no. But the chronic is famous for taking the edge off in a way that liquor just can not. For a busy mom whose stress level is incredibly high, a couple hits in the evening when the kids are well cared for is probably no big deal.

Oh, I know. So shocking. Unless mommy is harboring an addiction and can't get out of bed in the morning, then I say more power to her. If she wants to forgo a glass of vino and take a couple hits off a joint instead, who are we to judge?

Generally speaking many moms need to lighten up. And maybe lighting up is just the way to get there. Look, drugs are bad. I know. I am not suggesting that moms encourage their kids to light up or that they engage in illegal behavior in front of them. But if a mom can handle it in moderation and it is not harming her or her relationship with her kids, then what is the problem?

Do you find this wrong?


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MomoJL MomoJL

A relaxing pastime that is much better than alcohol consumption, in my opinion.  But you will have ltos of people with an opinion on this.

Lulu_B Lulu_B

I agree!!!

nonmember avatar Mike Ste

I don't know, I guess that if you're saying it's only in moderation then yeah, it's fine. But it's called dope for a reason, it makes you slower and you can get weirdo side effects. Why would you want to show that to your children?


I don't find anything wrong with this. Done in moderation of course. 

sweet... sweetcherry_59

I agree with this article completely! There is too much misinformation out there about marijuana.

Traum... TraumaRadio

Yes. I don't think you should model illegal behavior to your children. Even if you're not smoking in front of them they'll still figure out that something is up before they're too old. However, if America ever smartens up and decriminalizes or legalizes pot, I see nothing wrong with a parent choosing to smoke on occasion.

Ashle... AshleyP0710

I completely agree! I actually think its safer than drinking. You don't ever hear of moms smoking weed then driving with their kids not in proper restraints. Just like an article that just came out about an extremely intoxicated mother did with her own children.

nonmember avatar Anon

So I'm guessing you're not aware of all the research that shows it screws up chromosomes and kills brain cells. It's a drug and it's no better than booze. Geez this country is going to hell in a hand basket.

Jaime Swift Sundin

Smoke the pot i dont care, i am not the parent of any ones kids on here but mine so no judging from me.

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