Dr. Sears Wants to Be Your Postpartum Trainer

mom and baby at the gymOh dear. On my Facebook news feed, I saw a new site from Dr. Sears called the Lean program. L.E.A.N. stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition, and is supposed to offer simple strategies to keep your family healthier.

One of the sections on the site offers Dr. Sears’ L.E.A.N. Coaches to help you become the most Sears-y parent you can. But remember, this is Dr. Sears we’re talking about – the most gentle of the parenting gurus, a proponent of attachment parenting, co-sleeping, and breastfeeding on demand.

In other words, Dr. Sears coaching is like Paula Deen dieting. Which led me to wonder what Dr. Sears’ athletic coaching tips would be like, if he were in charge of my postpartum recovery .…


Develop a realistic attitude about your workout. Working out, like working in an office, is not something you can force yourself into. Create an athletic environment that allows working out to overtake your post-baby body. If you put your sneakers, unlaced, by the door, you will find yourself gently stepping into them on the way out, and will gradually begin walking more quickly as a result.

Beware of personal trainers. Ever since gyms were invented, personal trainer have touted magic formulas promising to whip you into shape – for a price. Most of their methods are just variations of what your middle-school gym teacher used to do: bullying, belittling, and bruising. Do their directives feel right to you? Should your muscles really be “ripped?”

Decide where you work out best. There’s no right or wrong places for you to get exercise. Wherever you run the best, is the right place for you to run.

Set predictable and consistent workout routines. If you always work out after breakfast but before your shower, you’ll expect to work out after breakfast and before your shower, and it will become second nature. 

Remember this is just me joking, guessing, poking fun at what Dr. Sears would say. But really ... wait a minute. I thought I was making fun of this idea, but some of these don’t seem half-bad! I think I’m more of an attachment parent than I thought! Now I’m going to go put myself in a sling and tell myself “no chocolate” positively!

How do you think your favorite baby experts would coach you? 

Image via Jencu/Flickr

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